Tourism Observatory (O-Tur), being integrated in the research activity of the Institute for Economic Research, as well as involving Master of International Tourism of Università della Svizzera italiana, Switzerland, can therefore benefit from the relevant cooperation and diverse competences, in particular for what concerns observation of economic dynamics.

The main objective of O-Tur is to increase and disseminate knowledge on the tourism industry of the Canton, by means of systematic observation and analysis of tourism demand and local supply at the destinations in Ticino with application of qualitative and quantitative methods.

Furthermore, O-Tur seeks to implement the monitoring system of tourism which would be of considerable support for strategic decision-making processes of the tourism stakeholders, cantonal administration and tour operators.


03.11.2017: Tourist arrivals and overnight stays in Ticino (hotel sector) - September 2017

05.10.2017: Statistics on tourist demand (hotel sector) - June-August 2017

                    Tourist arrivals and overnight stays in Ticino (hotel sector) - August 2017

                    Database update: demand (hotel sector)

19.09.2017: In addition: Camping sector in the Lake Maggiore and Valleys region, July 2017 (in italian)

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